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Top Gear Episodes
Top Gear - Season 6, Episode 1
Available Season 6, Episode 1 — Originally aired on May 22nd, 2005
  • Jeremy drives the new 4-door Mercedes-Benz CLS AMG that has 500 horsepower and is surprisingly quick followed by the Stig setting a lap time with it
  • James drives the Honda Element which isn’t sold in the UK (who knew?) and with the help of some old people, finds out if it’s a cool car or not
  • Richard drives the new Toyota Aygos and then has a 5 versus 5 soccer game using Aygoses with a bunch of skilled drivers
  • Richard and Jeremy update the Cool Wall
  • Jeremy races a Range Rover Sport against a Challenger 2 tank and tries to avoid it getting it getting a lock on it with it’s huge gun
  • SIARPC: James Nesbitt
Top Gear - Season 6, Episode 2
Available Season 6, Episode 2 — Originally aired on May 29th, 2005
  • Jeremy drives a £1 million 1957 Maserati 250F Formula 1 car and a new £412,000 Maserati MC12 – will it be faster than a Ferrari Enzo around the Top Gear test track?
  • In the news: new Honda FR-V, new Saab Estate, Hummer H3, new Mazda MX-5 aka Miata, Ferrari Superamerica, best driving song competition update, Jaguar XK in the studio
  • Jeremy, Richard, and James compete in a new £1500 2-door sports coupe competition, but this time the car can’t be a Porsche
  • SIARPC: Jack Dee, comedian and celebrity Big Brother winner
Top Gear - Season 6, Episode 3
Available Season 6, Episode 3 — Originally aired on June 12th, 2005
  • James reviews the 1970’s Maserati Bora and explains why it was such a great car for it’s time
  • Jeremy shows off his brand new Ford GT and Richard his new Morgan
  • Jeremy drives the Wiesmann MF3 Roadster and the TVR Tuscan II followed by the Stig taking them aroung the test track
  • The Top Gear crew check out the new Batmobile in their studio
  • Richard drives the amazing Aston Martin DB9 Volante, the DB9 convertible version
  • Jeremy was invited to open his local recently refurbished swimming pool, so he decides to show up in a 1976 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow which he first restores himself
  • SIARPC: Christopher Eccleston from Doctor Who
Top Gear - Season 6, Episode 4
Available Season 6, Episode 4 — Originally aired on June 19th, 2005
  • Richard sees if a 3 ton stretch limo can jump a wedding setup, some cars, and some caravans
  • In the news: Jeremy’s broken down Ford GT
  • Jeremy reviews the Cadillac CTS-V and races it against an Audi S4 driven by the Stig
  • Richard drives the new BMW 3 series
  • The Top Gear crew’s moms test 3 compact cars, the Renault Modus, Peugeot 1007, and the Honda Jazz
  • SIARPC: Comedian Omid Djalili
Top Gear - Season 6, Episode 5
Available Season 6, Episode 5 — Originally aired on June 26th, 2005
  • James drives the Nissan Murano which yes, has been out in the States for quite some time
  • Jeremy drives the extremely cool Jaguar E-Type and Aston Martin DB5 and finds out if having one of these rather than a modern car is a good idea or not, followed by the Stig taking them around the Top Gear test track
  • Richard checks out the new Maserati Gran Sport and takes it to a race track to test it out
  • James starts going over the Greatest Driving Song finalists, starting with Golden Earring – Radar Love
  • Jeremy attempts to avoid getting “shot” by the British army in a Merecedes-Benz SLK and a Porsche Boxster
  • SIARPC: F1-racer Damon Hill
Top Gear - Season 6, Episode 6
Available Season 6, Episode 6 — Originally aired on July 3rd, 2005
  • Jeremy races Richard and James from London to Oslo, Norway. Jeremy goes in a Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR, James and Richard go via water.
  • In the news: The new Nissan Micra C+C, new road maps, new Mercedes-Benz S Class, and the stunning Alfa Romeo Brera in the studio
  • James continues with the finalists in the Greatest Driving Song competition with this week’s song, Steppenwolf – Born to be Wild
  • The £170,000 Aston Martin DBR9 in the studio and the Stig taking it around the test track
  • SIARPC: David Dimbleby, a British TV personality
Top Gear - Season 6, Episode 7
Available Season 6, Episode 7 — Originally aired on July 10th, 2005
  • Jeremy drives the insane TVR Sagaris and the Stig takes it around the track
  • Jeremy sees which is faster across 26 miles of London, a Fiat Panda or a man
  • James covers another finalist in the Greatest Driving Song competition, Deep Purple – Highway Star
  • Jeremy and Richard update the Cool Wall
  • With the Ford Transit van turning 40 years old, Richard examines it’s history and sees if Sabine Schmitz can get one around the Nürburgring in less than 10 minutes
  • SIARPC: Darkness singer Justin Hawkins
Top Gear - Season 6, Episode 8
Available Season 6, Episode 8 — Originally aired on July 17th, 2005
  • Jeremy drives the amazing Ferrari F430 and of course, the Stig takes it around the track
  • The Top Gear crew go to Iceland to compare the Audi TT, Nissan 350z, and Chrysler Crossfire
  • James goes over Meat Loaf – Bat Out of Hell for the Greatest Driving Song competition
  • SIARPC: Sir Tim Rice
Top Gear - Season 6, Episode 9
Available Season 6, Episode 9 — Originally aired on July 24th, 2005
  • Jeremy drives some “hot hatches” – a Volkswagen Golf Mark V GTI, a Renault Mégane Sport Hatch, Vauxhall Astra VXR which the Stig takes around the track
  • Richard and James play “Road Test Russian Roulette” where they ride to a bar on a minibike and then drive drunk people home in the person’s car, all the while reviewing it for us
  • James finishes covering the Greatest Driving Song competition finalists with Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now
  • Richard sees if a stuntman can roll a call at least 5 times in order to get into the Guinness Book of World Records
  • Jeremy drives the all-new, but apparently disappointing, BMW M5
  • SIARPC: Chris Evans
Top Gear - Season 6, Episode 10
Available Season 6, Episode 10 — Originally aired on July 31st, 2005
  • Jeremy drives the BMW 535d (diesel), a surprising car, and the Stig sets a lap time with it
  • Richard goes to Iceland again and hydroplanes across a lake in a Jeep thing while racing a hydroplaning snowmobile
  • James sums up the Greatest Driving Song competition finalists
  • James goes to Dubai to drive the new 4-door Bentley Continental Flying Spur and takes it out onto the back roads where he hits over 180 MPH on roads closed down just for him by the police
  • Jeremy, Richard, and James examine the best way to have fun in a field by test driving quad bikes (ATVs), buggies, hovercrafts, and others
  • SIARPC: Big Brother host, Davina McCall
Top Gear - Season 6, Episode 11
Available Season 6, Episode 11 — Originally aired on August 7th, 2005
  • Richard drives the new Vauxhall Monaro VXR and sees how well it can drift by giving it to the D1 drifters followed by them doing some drifting in their own cars, all followed by the Stig giving the car a go on the test track
  • James sees if he can record the Top Gear theme using just exhaust notes (we’ve mirrored the end result MP3 right here)
  • James announces the winner of the Greatest Driving Song competition
  • Jeremy drives the Ford SVT F-150 Lightning
  • Jeremy and Richard update the Cool Wall
  • Richard runs with the bulls in Spain and then compares that adrenaline rush to that of driving the Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster
  • SIARPC: Actor Timothy Spall
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