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Top Gear - Season 12, Episode 7 - December 14th, 2008
In this episode:
  • Richard takes a look back at the last 50 years of the British Touring Car Championship
  • The annual automotive related Christmas presents showcase
  • Jeremy finds out if the Tesla electric car is any good and the Stig takes it around the track
  • In retaliation for Fifth Gear being “responsible” for burning up the Top Gear set, the Top Gear Stunt Man attempts to snatch away Fifth Gear’s world record for the farthest distance jumped by a car towing a caravan
  • The Top Gear Awards for Motoring Achievement 2008
  • James heads to Los Angeles to see the future of motoring — the hydrogen-powered Honda FCX Clarity. Features a bit of Jay Leno discussing the car.
  • SIARPC: singer Sir Tom Jones
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