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Top Gear Episodes
Top Gear - Season 1, Episode 1
Available Season 1, Episode 1 — Originally aired on October 20th, 2002
  • Clarkson goes to France in a Citroen Berlingo Multispace
  • Ford GT40 Concept (aka Ford GT) in the studio
  • Clarkson compares the Pagani Zonda to the Lamborghini Murcielago
  • Introduction of the Stig, the test track, and the power laptime board
  • Richard finds out if you can beat a speed camera by going really fast
  • Clarkson makes a Volvo 740 run on vegetable oil
  • Richard drives the Mazda 6
  • SIARPC: Harry Enfield
Top Gear - Season 1, Episode 2
Available Season 1, Episode 2 — Originally aired on October 27th, 2002
  • Jeremy tests the new Focus RS
  • Richard tries to jump motorcycles with a double decker bus
  • Jeremy drives the sublime handling Noble M12 GTO
  • Jeremy shows the history of the RS division of Ford and Richard drives the classic RS 1600
  • SIARPC: Jay Kay
Top Gear - Season 1, Episode 3
Available Season 1, Episode 3 — Originally aired on November 3rd, 2002
  • Jeremy drives the new Mini Cooper
  • The boys discuss car design and what it means
  • Hammond drives the iconic Citroen DS
  • Grannies doing donuts
  • Jeremy drives the gorgeous DB7
  • Hammond drives the insane Westfield STR
  • SIARPC: Ross Kemp
Top Gear - Season 1, Episode 4
Available Season 1, Episode 4 — Originally aired on November 10th, 2002
  • Jeremy drives the Vanquish and pits it against the Ferrari 575
  • Jason does a segment on buying used GTRs
  • Richard does a mid level car compare
  • SIARPC: Steve Coogan
Top Gear - Season 1, Episode 5
Available Season 1, Episode 5 — Originally aired on November 17th, 2002
  • Jeremy drives the gadget laden new Mercedes-Benz S Class
  • Richard gets driven around in the ostentatious Maybach
  • Jezza drives the new Bentley Arnage
  • SIARPC: Johnothan Ross
Top Gear - Season 1, Episode 6
Available Season 1, Episode 6 — Originally aired on November 24th, 2002
  • Jeremy drives the Renault Velsatis
  • Hammond goes to South Africa to test the new BMW Z4
  • Jeremy drives his Mercedes SL55 AMG
  • SIARPC: Tyra Tompkinson
Top Gear - Season 1, Episode 7
Available Season 1, Episode 7 — Originally aired on December 1st, 2002
  • Hammond drives the Saab 9-3
  • The crew tries to discover the “fastest faith”
  • A look at the awesome Puegot RC concept
  • Jeremy drives the new Lotus Elise
  • SIARPC: Rick Parfit
Top Gear - Season 1, Episode 8
Available Season 1, Episode 8 — Originally aired on December 8th, 2002
  • Jeremy discuses the German power wars and drives the Audi RS6 and MB E55 amg
  • Richard drives a series of small cars — the Honda Jazz, Citroen C2, MG ZR, and Nissan Micra
  • The boys fix up an old Lada by sending it to the Lotus garage
  • Jeremy drives the new Maserati coupe
  • SIARPC: Michael Gambon
Top Gear - Season 1, Episode 9
Available Season 1, Episode 9 — Originally aired on December 22nd, 2002
  • Jeremy drives people carriers, the land cruiser and gushes over the XC90
  • Hammond drives a Subaru Forester wagon
  • The crew tries to make a Jaguar XJS as fast as modern super cars
  • Jeremy drives a Volkswagen Golf R32
  • Hammond Drives the Radical against an airplane
  • SIARPC: Gordon Ramsey
Top Gear - Season 1, Episode 10
Available Season 1, Episode 10 — Originally aired on December 29th, 2002
  • Jeremy drives the BMW X5, Jeep Cherokee, and the Range Rover
  • Top Gear Awards
  • Another Fastest Faith competition
  • Jeremy drives the Lotus Esprit
  • The Stig drives the TVR Tamora after some fiddling with the suspension
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