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Fifth Gear Episodes
Fifth Gear - Season 11, Episode 1
Unavailable Season 11, Episode 1 — Originally aired on April 30th, 2007
  • Jason takes the £230,000 Brabus Rocket, the fastest four-door car on the planet, to the German Autobahn to see if he can crack 200 MPH
  • Vicki drives the new Fiat Panda 100HP and sees if it’s actually faster than a Ferrari (mind you, on a very small and tight track)
  • Jonny crashes a perfectly good Ford Focus into another Focus that had been previously crashed and repaired
  • Tiff heads to Las Vegas to drive the totally awesome Audi R8
  • Tom tests the new Kia Ceed by using to become a paparazzo
Fifth Gear - Season 11, Episode 2
Unavailable Season 11, Episode 2 — Originally aired on May 7th, 2007
  • Tom drives the Alfa Romeo Spider around the Sahara desert
  • What happens when you remove all of the oil from an engine? Fifth Gear finds out
  • World Superbike leader James Toseland and Tiff Needell race around a track with a Honda Fireblade CBR 1000RR and the new Honda Civic Type R
  • Jonny tests the new Mercedes C Class
  • A motorcycle stunt team performs in the Fifth Gear parking lot
  • Actor Chris Barrie gets to drive his dream car, an old Jaguar D-Type worth £3 million
Fifth Gear - Season 11, Episode 3
Unavailable Season 11, Episode 3 — Originally aired on May 14th, 2007
  • Tom checks out the gadgets on the new Lexus LS460 and then sees if he can get the same gadgets for less on an older Lexus
  • To test the durability of a windshield, Fifth Gear lobs chickens, rocks, and a road cone at one
  • Jonny spends 12 hours locked in the new smart fortwo to see how comfortable it is
  • Virgin Radio Breakfast Show DJ Christian O’Connell gets a stunt driving lesson from Russ Swift
  • Vicki attempts to replicate the infamous C’était un rendez-vous using a diesel powered Citroën C3
  • Tiff takes the new Bentley Continental GTC out with two models in the back to see if going faster makes their hair get blown around less
Fifth Gear - Season 11, Episode 4
Unavailable Season 11, Episode 4 — Originally aired on May 22nd, 2007
  • Tom and Jonny along with help from Tiff decide which hot hatch they like best — the Renault Megane F1 Team R26, the Mazda 3 MPS, the Ford Focus ST, the Honda Civic Type R, the Seat Leon Cupra, the Vauxhall Astra VXR, or the Volkswagen Golf Gti
  • Fifth Gear drives a car to destruction in reverse to test it’s gearbox
  • Comedian Paddy McGuinness does the CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) required for people who want to get a motorcycle permit
  • Vicki tries to break 200 MPH in an A1 Grand Prix car
Fifth Gear - Season 11, Episode 5
Unavailable Season 11, Episode 5 — Originally aired on May 28th, 2007
  • Tom drives the new Porsche Cayenne Turbo
  • Vicki sees if she can live without a car for a day
  • The Fifth Gear Shootout returns with the Renault Clio 197 taking on the brand new Vauxhall Corsa VXR
  • Jonny drives a Rolls Royce Phantom to Italy for a classic car show at the Villa d’Este on Lake Como
  • Yorkshire cricket captain Darren Gough goes head-to-head with Jason on an off-road track in a Volkswagen Touareg
Fifth Gear - Season 11, Episode 6
Unavailable Season 11, Episode 6 — Originally aired on June 4th, 2007
  • Jonny drives the new Ford Mondeo, the most high-tech Ford you can buy (at least in the UK)
  • Driven To Destruction: Vicki finds out which cars are the most crash worthy by dropping them from a crane
  • Shootout: Tiff races the Mini Cooper against the Suzuki Swift Sport
  • Tom drives 1500 miles in the new BMW M5 Touring to Valencia, Spain to deliver some clothing to the Oracle America’s Cup team
  • Olympic sprinter and BMX biker Iwan Thomas is tasked to do a stunt challenge with help from Russ Swift
  • Jason Plato in the awesome sounding Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster
Fifth Gear - Season 11, Episode 7
Unavailable Season 11, Episode 7 — Originally aired on June 11th, 2007
  • Tom drives the latest Land Rover Defender around Iceland to a glacier
  • Jason and Tiff race a Ford GT against a Formula Ford with 150 horsepower
  • Driven To Destruction: Vicki chains a car to a heavy truck and trashes it about from a cold start
  • Fifth Gear visits the home of Alex James, the bass player in Blur, where he goes bungee jumping from a crane
  • Jonny drives to Italy in a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti to deliver a birthday cake to Ferrari’s CEO
Fifth Gear - Season 11, Episode 8
Unavailable Season 11, Episode 8 — Originally aired on June 18th, 2007
  • Jason tests the recently facelifted Jaguar XJR by dressing up for the part of a common Jaguar owner
  • Dom Joly, creator of Trigger Happy TV, rents a tank for the day to drive around his home village
  • Vicki drives the new Vauxhall VXR8 to the limit
  • Tom and Jonny take two Reliant Robins and modify them to their liking for racing against each other
  • Tiff finds out which is quicker around Castle Combe, the street legal Porsche 911 GT3 RS or the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup race car
Fifth Gear - Season 11, Episode 9
Unavailable Season 11, Episode 9 — Originally aired on June 25th, 2007
  • Fifth Gear Shootout: Renault Sport Megane 230 F1 R26 versus one-off Ford Transit Connect X-press
  • Yvette Fielding, British televesion presenter and owner of 3 Aston Martins, gets to drive her dream car, a Chesil Speedster — a replica of the rare Porsche 356 Speedster
  • DTM driver Susie Stoddart races her DTM Mercedes-Benz race car against her company car, a Mecedes-Benz CL63 AMG
  • Jonny races the Fifth Gear chip-fat powered Merecedes-Benz against a Jaguar powered by methane created from rotting apples
  • Jason tests the brand new Lotus 2 Eleven, a very, very quick track day car
  • Tom finds out what happens when a Limo crashes into a concrete barrier
  • Vicki tests the latest BMW X5 by towing a wakeboarder
Fifth Gear - Season 11, Episode 10
Unavailable Season 11, Episode 10 — Originally aired on July 2nd, 2007
  • Fifth Gear Shootout: Tiff trashes two rental cars around, a Vauxhall Astra and a Ford Focus, to see which is faster
  • Tom spends a day with wheel clampers to find out ways to beat them
  • Vicki drives the latest generation Nissan 350Z
  • A very short Q&A with John Travolta about his passion for cars
  • Jonny, under the cover of darkness, fills in a pothole himself
  • Tiff and Jason take four car loving cast members of the British soap opera Hollyoaks out for a series of boys vs. girls challenges
  • Various motorcycle stunts in the cafe’s parking lot including stunts by Shane Lynch
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