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Helicopter Carrying Clarkson And Hammond Hits Seagull
Posted February 16th, 2009 at 01:13 by Viper007Bond in Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond

I’ll just get right to the point — everyone’s okay and it wasn’t a serious incident. Nothing to worry about. However it’s still worth a little news post here.

On Friday, Jeremy and Richard were in a helicopter flying over Auckland Harbour in New Zealand when a seagull hit the helicopter’s rotor blade. They made an emergency landing nearby and luckily everyone is okay.

[Source: Daily Mail]

Top Gear 12×05 Cut Content
Posted December 4th, 2008 at 13:41 by Viper007Bond in James May, Richard Hammond, Top Gear has posted three videos of stuff that didn’t make it into last Sunday’s episode:

Thanks to all who sent in tips!

Video Of The Top Gear UK Trio On 60 Minutes Australia
Posted November 26th, 2008 at 04:39 by Viper007Bond in James May, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, Top Gear

Jeremy, Richard, and James were interviewed for Australia’s 60 Minutes show recently and here’s the video. It’s a surprisingly interesting look at behind the scenes of the show.
Hammond’s Challenger From TG 12×02 For Sale
Posted November 10th, 2008 at 08:41 by Viper007Bond in Richard Hammond, Top Gear

UPDATE: Seems has taken down the post. Dunno why.

Richard Hammond’s Dodge Challenger from yesterday’s episode is currently up for sale by Top Gear. If you’re in the US and want to own a piece of Top Gear history, then make sure to check out that link.

But what, you might be wondering, has happened to the Dodge Challenger that Hammond bought for the American road trip? Well, after its adventures on the salt flats it was taken to a garage for a reassuringly expensive health check and very thorough clean up, after which it was advertised for sale.

Unfortunately, it turns out that during a credit crunch people in America have suddenly realised that a bright orange two door muscle car isn’t top of their priority list and, whilst Richard paid a premium for it just a few months ago, Challenger values are now becoming distinctly mushy. Net result is no one has made an offer. Yet.

So, if you’re reading this in the US and you fancy a well specced, low mileage Challenger with TV stardom and (sort of) competition pedigree, you know where to look.

Rumor Killing: No, Richard And James Aren’t Leaving
Posted July 5th, 2008 at 23:15 by Viper007Bond in Andy Wilman, James May, Richard Hammond, Top Gear

A bunch of what are essentially gossip magazines in the UK have been reporting that Richard and James are threatening to leave the show if they don’t get a pay raise to match Jeremy’s pay. Unsurprisingly this is all a load of BS.

Andy does a good job of explaining the whole situation in his latest blog post:

Just for the record, Richard and James’s contracts are up soon – no big deal, contracts do end – and their agents are negotiating new ones.

They want an amount, the BBC wants to pay a different amount – again, no surprises there, that’s how business works every minute of every day – and there’ll be horse trading until a number is reached.

But let me also say Richard and James have never ever ever asked to be on equal pay to Jeremy. They are the first to admit that he came up with the new show, and that he does nothing but this show and is the engine room of it, whereas they, quite understandably, like to do other projects as well as Top Gear, and therefore the pay should reflect that.

He talks more about it as well as Sunday’s show, but I’ll let you read the rest of his post yourself.

Richard Hammond’s Oliver To Be In New TV Series
Posted July 4th, 2008 at 01:37 by Viper007Bond in Richard Hammond

Apparently one of the reasons Oliver is being restored is that he will be appearing in a new TV series.

Practical Classics features editor, Matthew Jones, who has been working closely with Mr Hammond to restore the car, said that once it had been repainted and “tweaked” it would once again find television fame in a new series.
He said: “We’ve had to do the job very quickly because it’s going to be involved in a new television production with Richard Hammond.
“I’m not sure of all the finer details but apparently the show centres around the car and we have to have it ready for filming on July 14.

Full article on Newbury Today and there’s a discussion thread on our forums.

Hammond Was In Hospital For Appendicitis Surgery On Tuesday
Posted April 25th, 2008 at 00:23 by Viper007Bond in Richard Hammond

Richard was having stomach pains earlier this week and it was discovered that he had appendicitis and needed surgery. However, rather than skip a prior commitment to meet some fans who had won a lunch with him, he pushed back the surgery by two hours.

The surgery went smoothly thankfully, but surgeons discovered Richard also had kidney stones and a hernia. He’ll be having the stones removed sometime next week.

He’s now at home recovering meanwhile with his wife and kids. He should be fully recovered soon.

[Sources: The Sun and The Mirror]

“Next” Season Of Top Gear To Be In HD!
Posted April 19th, 2008 at 11:48 by Viper007Bond in Richard Hammond, Top Gear

This news posting was incorrect. Neither season 11 or season 12 were filmed or aired in HD. Only the Polar Special was, nothing else.

As you may know, Top Gear is currently only shot in SD (standard definition) except for the Polar Special which was a one-off. The UK is only now starting to really make the switch to HD and existing shows are always the last to switch.

Richard revealed in his column though that the “next” season of Top Gear will be shot in HD. Now I’m not sure if by “next” he means the one they are filming now I assume (season 11) or the one that will air this fall (season 12), but either way, this is totally awesome.

We’ll be doing our best to get HD rips out alongside the 700MB SD rips.

Hammond Featured On Def Leppard’s Latest Album Cover
Posted March 22nd, 2008 at 21:19 by Viper007Bond in Richard Hammond

Rock band Def Leppard‘s latest album, Songs from the Sparkle Lounge, features Richard Hammond among the many people on it’s cover. The artwork is in the style of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album.

Songs from the Sparkle Lounge

Richard can be found in the bottom right. Very cool.

Hammond Still Depressed After His Crash And Can’t Park His Car
Posted February 24th, 2008 at 22:27 by Quiky in Richard Hammond, Top Gear

It appears that all was not well during the filming of the last two seasons of Top Gear for Richard Hammond.

Eighteen months after the high-speed crash which almost killed him, Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond has revealed that he still suffers from emotional problems and memory loss.

Also, the Times Online has a nice article entitled “On The Move”.

It’s been a bloody long journey and it’s still going. It’s when I consider how far I’ve come since I was in hospital that I realise there was a lot more to fix than I thought. The swelling has gone down, my brain is as mended as it’s likely to be. Now it seems to be more a case of rewiring itself. That’s assuming I’m sitting here talking to you and I’m not about to wake up in hospital, in some sort of Life on Mars moment . . . Now that was a difficult TV series to watch.

Discussion Thread in the FinalGear Forums

Thanks to jack_christie for the tips

[Sources: & Times Online ]

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