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Past T-Shirt Designs Available For Purchase
Posted March 15th, 2014 at 00:00 by Viper007Bond in Store

This post has been bumped to the top incase any of you missed it in the past. Help support this site by buying a shirt!

At least once a year we have a competition to design some great T-shirts and then take pre-orders for the winning designs. Until now, if you missed the pre-order window then you were out of luck forever.

However we are now happy to announce that nearly all of our past T-shirt designs are now available for purchase from the on-demand printing site RedBubble.

Most of the designs are available in both a light style (for being placed on light colored shirts) and a dark style (for being placed on dark colored shirts). Pick your design and then your shirt color and shirt style including girl-style, long sleeve, or even hoodie!. Prices are a bit more expensive than when we did pre-orders because we were able to order in bulk instead of on-demand when we did that. Future shirt designs will still go through this pre-order process in order to keep shirt prices down.

6 Litre Twin Turbo in light and dark shirts

6 Litre Twin Turbo

Careless Air in light and dark shirts

Careless Air

Don’t Charge, Supercharge in light and dark shirts

Don't Charge, Supercharge

Doppelkupplungsgetriebe in light and dark shirts


Oh Cock in light and dark shirts

Oh Cock

Outlines in light and dark shirts


Oversteer in light and dark shirts


Utter Pirates in dark shirts and hoodies

Utter Pirates

Scandinavian Flick in dark shirts and hoodies

Scandinavian Flick

Just Add Dinosaurs in light and dark

Just Add Dinosaurs

and more!

Two New T-Shirt Designs!
Posted February 5th, 2012 at 19:50 by Viper007Bond in Store

Forum member and all around awesome guy Blayde (check out his store!) has designed two new shirts for our store!

The first is “Gear Head”. It’s available in both a light and dark style as well as iPhone cases.

The second design is “Mechanical Anti-Theft Systems”, joking that a manual transmission will confuse and stop 9 out of 10 American car thieves.

I’m an American but I’m not going to disagree.

If you like these designs or any of our others, please support the site by buying them! Thanks!

UPDATE: Also available now is a two-pack of our logo as a sticker:

FinalGear Shirts Are Shipping, Check Your E-Mail Inbox
Posted August 10th, 2010 at 02:43 by Viper007Bond in Store

Quiky and McLightning95 have been hard at work shipping out everyone’s T-shirts:

You will receive an e-mail when your shirts ship (they should all be in the mail by the end of the week). People in the US are already starting to receive theirs (note that a signature may be required to avoid douchebags claiming they never got their shirts), but it’ll take longer for those of you outside of the US due to customs and so forth.

If you haven’t received an e-mail by August 15th (that’s next Monday), you can post in this forum thread. If you haven’t already received one as of now, be patient as e-mails are still going out.

Thanks everyone for supporting FinalGear!

Reminder: Shirt Orders End Monday
Posted July 17th, 2010 at 04:39 by Viper007Bond in Store

You only have until the end of Monday, July 19th to order your shirts. If you were planning on buying some, please do so soon!

Our 2010 T-Shirts Are Available For Pre-Order, Order Yours Now!
Posted July 10th, 2010 at 22:51 by Viper007Bond in Store

The design contest and voting has finally come to a close and the winners decided. The seven designs, decided on using the voting results as well as our personal favorites, are now available for pre-order on our store. Orders are open until July 19th at which point we’ll get the shirts printed up. We’ll begin shipping on August 9th.

Questions? Comments? Post in this thread or e-mail us.

Here are the designs that we’re selling (note some of these shirts are available in multiple colors):

Scandinavian Flick

Scandinavian Flick

Oh Cock

Oh Cock

Just Add Dinosaurs

We may move the FinalGear logo onto the back instead.

Just Add Dinosaurs

Some Say

Some Say

Don’t Charge, Supercharge

Don't Charge, Supercharge

6 Litre Twin Turbo

6 Litre Twin Turbo


German for Porsche’s PDK dual clutch transmission.


FinalGear T-Shirt Vote Underway!
Posted June 30th, 2010 at 07:03 by Viper007Bond in Store

You have until this Monday (July 5th) to vote for your favorite shirt designs. The top few (we’re not sure how many yet) will be printed up and offered for sale. You will need to have a forum account to vote, but signing up is really quick and easy! :) Shirts: 2010 Design Contest
Posted May 20th, 2010 at 23:10 by Viper007Bond in Store

We’re holding another T-Shirt design content, this time for the purpose of designing this year’s shirts. If you’re interested, check out this thread for details!

Missed Out On Buying Our Shirts? We Had Extras!
Posted February 17th, 2010 at 13:55 by Viper007Bond in Store

We had a few leftovers from our previous T-shirt printing run and so we’re offering them up for sale! They will ship within 48 hours as they are already printed.

As said in the previous T-shirt post, that was the final run of those shirts and once these extra shirts are out of stock, that’s it! So get them while you can! There’s not many left.

If you have any questions, use this thread on our forums.

FinalGear Shirts – Last Chance To Get These Designs!
Posted November 14th, 2009 at 22:39 by Quiky in Store

Due to popular demand, we are bringing back the latest shirts for one last round of orders! Please note, that these shirts are pre-order and ship December 10th. We have to run pre-orders so we can ensure there are enough shirts printed to meet demand.. we want to make sure nobody is disappointed by running out of stock.

Orders are open until November 28th.

Visit the store at

Careless Air



The Usual Suspects.. best partners, in the world.

We also have FinalGear static-clings and vinyls available in the store. They instantly add 50 horsepower to whatever you apply them to. (actual poweeerrrr results may vary)

Discussion thread on the forums.

New FinalGear T-Shirts Now Available In Our Store!
Posted September 9th, 2009 at 02:48 by Viper007Bond in Store

[The shirts have sold out! Thanks to everyone for ordering and making it a big success!]

Our third batch of shirts are now available for pre-order in our new store (orders will be shipped starting October 12th). We also have a couple leftovers from the first and second batches, so get them before supplies run out.

Here are the four new shirts:

Careless Air
The Usual Suspects

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