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Need Colocation Or A Dedicated Server? Then Read This
Posted April 25th, 2010 at 00:46 by Viper007Bond in

Are you in need of a place to co-locate your server or are in need of a leased dedicated server? Do you want to help support FinalGear? Then read on.

A few months ago, we moved the servers that run into our own server rack with dedicated bandwidth. We have some space and bandwidth left over though, so we are looking to resell that extra stuff in order to recoup some of our monthly bill. We are in a top-quality datacenter called Netriplex in Asheville, North Carolina which comes with all of the standard SLA things like 99.95% power and network availability guarantee and so forth.

If this interests you, please see this thread on our forums which contains all of the specifics. And remember, you are directly helping out FinalGear if you decide to host with us, so thank you!

EDIT: Please note that the recent downtime only affected the servers that run Other servers in our rack were not affected.

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