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Man Gets $30k Internet Bill For Watching Top Gear
Posted March 21st, 2009 at 01:29 by Viper007Bond in Top Gear

This is only sort-of Top Gear related, but I still found it quite humorous and worth posting.

Will Pierce and his son were on a ski trip in France when he decided to kill some boredom by downloading Top Gear using his wireless data card for his laptop. Unknown to him, his data plan wasn’t exactly cheap when it came to out of the country downloads and he ended up with a £21,716 ($30,334.40) bill once he got home, all thanks to Top Gear. Thankfully his carrier Vodafone waived the fee, but still consider it a warning. Always check those data plans, no matter how tempting Top Gear is.

[Source: Newslite via Autoblog]

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