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Andy Blogs About This Coming Sunday’s Episode And Us
Posted July 21st, 2008 at 23:24 by Viper007Bond in Andy Wilman, Top Gear

Andy’s latest blog post came out this morning and besides talking about this coming Sunday’s episode, he made sure to correct all of the conspiracy nuts on our forums.

He starts by addressing the people who posted in our episode discussion thread for last Sunday’s episode complaining that the Diahatsu Terios’ exhaust sound was dubbed over with sounds from a V8:

Firstly, if the boys on Final Gear are reading this – WE DID NOT DUB A BLOODY V8 ON THE DAIHATSU TERIOS. Promise, chaps.

We like to do our best with the Jerry Bruckheimer noises, but we have our standards, and one of those standards is to not upset car dweebs – we like them too much.

I asked the director the same question about the engine when I saw the first cut of the film and he said you can hear the V8 camera car in the background, but the Terios still makes its own rorty little sound.

He also addresses the people who were concerned that we might be being weened off James May since there hasn’t been too much of him this season.

Secondly, if Final Gear boys are still tuned in, one of you wrote a couple of weeks ago that James hadn’t been in the series much, and that we therefore must be grooming the viewers for him leaving. Pleeeeeese. Go and put that fertile conspiracy theory brain of yours to better use. Find out if Kennedy was shot in Dallas, or during a faked moon landing.

I think you’re right, there’s not been enough James and Richard solo films this run – it’s a bit of a Rubik’s Cube putting a show together and that’s the way the cards have fallen. Hopefully we’ll sort it in the next series, but no, James isn’t going. He’ll go when he gets grumpy and fed up with the show, and to my memory he’s been grumpy and fed up with the show since the day he started.

He finishes by talking about this coming Sunday’s episode, but I’ll let you read the details of that for yourself to avoid spoilers.

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