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“Gear” Probably Isn’t Dead, At Least Not Yet
Posted May 15th, 2008 at 14:59 by Viper007Bond in Adam Carolla, Top Gear US

Autoblog, Jalopnik, and many other automotive websites have been noting that the American version of Top Gear is missing from NBC’s fall lineup and therefore are declaring the show dead and canceled. Besides the fact that we posted the same thing over a month ago, it’s probably incorrect.

The much more plausible explanation is that the NBC executives are merely waiting to see how the pilot turns out which to the best of my knowledge hasn’t even been filmed yet. Gear may end up being a mid-season replacement for any show that gets canceled this fall or it may end up being a show for next summer.

Either way, if I were you the reader, I wouldn’t place your bets on this show being dead until we actually hear exactly that. Not having it show up on the fall schedule isn’t proof. Plus if it had been canceled, don’t you think we would have heard something from Adam and his big mouth already? He wasn’t even supposed to mention that he was to be hosting the show and he did anyway, so I’m sure he would have mentioned if the show was canceled and he knew about it.

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