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Tons Of New Season Bad News Including NOT Being Back June 15th
Posted May 13th, 2008 at 03:56 by Viper007Bond in Top Gear,

Okay, lots of bad news about the new season of Top Gear.

The worst news (probably, could be back earlier I guess) is that Top Gear will not be back on June 15th:

It turns out that the start date for the new TV series has changed from June 15th.

Or, if we’re being honest, maybe never was then at all.

Basically we heard a rumour and jumped the gun a bit in all the excitement.


The worst news is that the schedulers haven’t confirmed the new date either, so we can’t even tell you when it will be.

Basically, your guess is as good as ours’, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

Other bad but unconfirmed news is that there will be only 6 episodes this season (spoiler link!). This could or could not be true, we don’t know.

Lastly in the speculation department, it doesn’t look like they’ll have the switch to high definition (HD) ready for this upcoming season. At least this is the conclusion some are coming to after reading a post on a BBC blog.

Still though, can we really complain? Even limited, non-HD amounts of Top Gear is way better than anything else on TV.

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