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Another Top Gear Presenter Suffers “High Speed” Crash
Posted November 11th, 2006 at 22:41 by Viper007Bond in James May, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond

James May broke his wrist during a recent presentation of MPH’06 (a live Top Gear of sorts set on a stage). He wrote about it in an article in today’s Telegraph:

James May, the other bloke off Top Gear and co-host of this year’s MPH ’06 live motoring theatre, was last night said to be “severely hacked off” in his local pub after sustaining a suspected fractured wrist in a high-speed supermarket trolley crash.

May, 43, was performing a live stunt for the MPH extravaganza, billed as “human 10-pin bowling”. In this, he attempted to guide a modified shopping trolley, fitted with rudimentary steering, into 10 giant rubber skittles on the opposite side of the stage after being propelled by his co-presenter Jeremy Clarkson, driving a low-powered G-Wiz electric city car.

However, in what the show’s script described as a “humorous twist”, and supposedly unbeknown to May, the G-Wiz was replaced at the last moment with a 480bhp Ford Shelby Mustang. Members of the audience, many of whom filmed the tragedy on mobile phone cameras, have reported that the trolley reached a speed of “almost 20mph” before it struck the skittles and toppled sideways in a rather pathetic way.

The best part of the article though is the Hammond bit:

Richard Hammond, who was involved in a similar accident involving a jet-powered trolley some weeks ago, and who claimed to present the popular Sunday-night TV show Songs of Praise with May and Clarkson, told reporters: “Riding around in a supermarket trolley is the sort of thing that drunken 22-year-old men on a stag night would do. Sadly, it’s the sort of thing we would do as well.” Half an hour later, he told them the same thing again.

However, within minutes of that paragraph being written, the real Richard Hammond rang this column and said, “I’ve heard about your trolley crash. That’s pathetic. I hope you’re not going to use it as an excuse to make some more cheap gags about my short-term memory loss, because it’s been greatly exaggerated and anyway, I’m better now.” Even after several hours he had not rung to repeat himself, so he might have a point, unless he simply forgot to call back.

Man I love James May.

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