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Fifth Gear – [07x06] – April 25th, 2005 Delayed :(
Posted April 25th, 2005 at 15:37 by Viper007Bond in Fifth Gear

[04/25 15:17:20] Vuk: my brother fucked up fg, i am soooo fucking pissed off right now
[04/25 15:17:24] Vuk: re-recording on wednesday
[04/25 15:17:34] Viper007Bond: nooooo :(
[04/25 15:17:53] Viper007Bond: *cries*
[04/25 15:20:23] Viper007Bond: so it re-airs on wednesday?
[04/25 15:20:38] Vuk: yea
[04/25 15:20:50] Viper007Bond: ok
[04/25 15:20:57] Viper007Bond: don’t miss it or i shall kill you
[04/25 15:21:02] Viper007Bond: must see my viper!

So there you have it. Life sucks, but luckily Fifth Gear reairs on Wednesdays and so he’ll re-record it then.

And the forums will stay down until the load dies down. Sorry. :(

[edit @ 6:30 PM] I’m being told that Fifth Gear will be reairing on Friday, not Wednesday. All in favor of starting a witch hunt for Vuk’s brother? :P The server load has also died down quite a bit, so I’m going to turn the forums back on. :) [/edit]

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