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Sorry For The Downtime
Posted December 20th, 2004 at 15:42 by Viper007Bond in

Sorry for the down time (my host suspended my account temporarily). It was due to too many database queries which was a result of poor coding on my part of the main site plus too many users being on the forums and the main site. The forums are offline for the time being and the users online / total user counts that used to be at the bottom of the site are disabled.

I’ll be recoding the main site to make it WAY more efficient and then eventually moving this entire subdomain to it’s own domain name on a different box that should be able to take the load, both CPU wise and bandwidth wise.

Sorry for the inconvience, I’ll do my best to get the forums back up but the site being up comes first. :) Meanwhile, I invite you to check out’s forums if you are looking for a place to talk, either about FG/TG or just cars in general.

Oh, and Top Gear should be out in a few minutes. :D

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