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We here at strive to keep you up to date on everything Top Gear and Fifth Gear related. We are the number one resource on the web for the shows and feature news, video clips, links to BitTorrent files for full episodes, and much more. We also have the largest and most comprehensive forums dedicated to Top Gear and Fifth Gear which are read by the producers and presenters of the shows.

Site History

In late October of 2003, Vuk and I (Viper007Bond) were members of the forum at At the time, I had only seen small clips here and there of the shows as there wasn't really any public way to get either show. So, long story short, the wonderful Vuk started ripping episodes for me and sending them to me. In return, I started hosting the rips on my personal site for the members of the forum.

I quickly used up all of my bandwidth though and went to a crazy system where I had different people hosting the episodes to distribute the bandwidth. That didn't work for too long though as the bandwidth was just too immense. Not to mention the site was really ugly (I rock at web design, don't I?).

Then in March of 2004, I released version 2.0 of the site. It featured a much less ugly design as well as the use of torrents. It was still hosted at and was fully dynamic, rather than like the previous site that was static. However, by the end of 2004, the site had outgrown my shared hosting account resulting in a close of the forums and not long after, my host made me kill this site from my account.

That resulted in the site being moved to it's own domain name and donated hosting and how the site came to be known as During the move, we redesigned the site again to look like what it does now.
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Site Info
Many thanks to everyone who's ripped the episodes on this site as well as Quiky and PacketCollision for being awesome sysops.
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